What To Do Before An Electrical Repair



What To Do Before An Electrical Repair

You can do several DIY electrical repairs around the house to save money and grow your handyman skills. The most common DIY electrical home repairs include:

·    Repairing Or Installing Outlets

·    Locating Electrical Shorts

·    Covering Exposed Wires & Chords

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·    Fixing A Doorbell

·    Changing Electrical Fixtures

Homeowners who have the time, equipment, and patience to complete electrical repairs near me in Chattanooga, TN, or their city of residence, should have no problem completing any of the tasks above.

However, before any electrical repair project can begin, a homeowner must take a few precautionary steps to ensure safety and reduce potential damage to the property.


Before you begin an electrical DIY repair, you must gather all of the tools and equipment you will need to complete the job accurately. These specialized tools and equipment usually include:

·    Rubber-soled shoes to reduce risk of electrocution

·    Electrical pliers to strip wires safely

·    Gloves to protect from shock

·    Rubber-handled screwdrivers

Additionally, your DIY repair may require additional equipment to test the voltage of live wires to ensure that you don’t accidentally blow your fuse box using incompatible electronic equipment.


The first and most important thing to do before any DIY electrical home repair or maintenance is turn off electricity to your home!

Over 4000 people experience injuries from electricity in the home every year, and around 10% of those injuries result in death. Those with heart conditions are especially sensitive to small amounts of electricity, so it is always recommended to ensure that electricity to the house has been turned off at the fuse box or main breaker.

Additionally, be sure to work in a clean and dry environment. Heavy moisture, dirt, and debris can cause electrical sparks that can lead to severe and costly fire damage.